About There Is Only One Football

Make The World Game Number 1.

Our Story

There is only one football. The world game played by over 250 million registered players across more than 200 world-based associations. It truly is the only game worthy of the title, yet here in Australia, the beautiful game plays second fiddle to both Australian Rules and Rugby. Each and every year, the profile of the world game improves. My passionate desire is to assist in promoting the sport and those who play it locally, nationally, and on the world stage.

So how do I plan to do this, and how can you assist? There is no substitute for merchandising to get the message across to a wider audience. This t-shirt design displays my slogan “there is only one football.” Help by purchasing my t-shirt. Wear is proudly and help put our game up to wear it belongs. We have so much to be proud of as a fledgling country. Our efforts in the last 4 world cups are just the beginning and clearly show where Australia is heading. Be part of an exciting future. Do your bit and make the world game number 1.

About the Owner

Since coming to Australia 33 years ago I have always struggled to understand why we have 4 games called the same name FOOTBALL.

There isn’t any other sport that I know of that is copied by any other game, all the Raquet games aren’t all called Tennis or Badminton or Squash, so I think we need to define the game of Football by naming Rugby League, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Rugby Union, and Aussie Rules, Aussie Rules, so that it is clear cut what sport we are actually talking about, and like I keep banging on about it’s only here in this country that we have this confusion?

I’m David Benn and I am advocating that there is Only One Football.

Buy the shirt and support the course.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

There Is Only One Football.

The statement says it all. It is not meant to offend, just make a justified statement.

Our Vision

Our vision is that the game of Football is called Football all over the world.

It would be a tribute to the late Johnny Warren and Les Murray if this was to happen. You never heard those two say the word Soccer, even though they both championed this very course. Just remember there is no S in FIFA.

I hope in time that one day all of the A-League sides display the slogan on billboards. There is Only ONE Football, that’s the  Vision.

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